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Since its founding in 1947, the Tampere chapter of the Finnish-British Society ('Finn-Brits') has sponsored and supported English-language cultural, educational, and scientific activities which advance relations and understanding between Finland and the United Kingdom.

The Society hosts its own events approximately once a month. Past events have included a wide variety of visiting lecturers and performers on various aspects of British culture, as well as presentations in English by Finnish, British and other international speakers from Tampere and elsewhere in Finland. Less formal events have ranged from pub evenings and wine-tasting seminars to poetry readings and techniques of writing detective fiction.

The Finn-Brits also work closely with other English-language activities in Tampere, including the Spoken Word Theatre and the annual Christmas Festival of Lessons and Carols co-organized with the ICCK Congregation in Tampere at the Old Church in the Central Square (Keskustori).

Tampere Finn-Brits are also involved in the Café Scientifiques, in which we have learned about the sex life of fruit flies, interesting bacteria, and whether there's life in outer space. These are just a few of the fascinating presentations which you are also warmly welcome to join!


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