Selected Past Events

Following are selected past presentations and other events which have been organized or co-sponsored by the Tampere Finnish-British Society. All have been freely open to the public. Please visit our Facebook Pages for photographs and additional information on these and other events.


FB Federation outing to Hauho and Hämeenlinna

The day's itinery included lunch in Hauho and attending a presentation in Hämeenlinna's Town Hall by Poet Chrys Salt and composer Ilari Laakso with opera singer Pia Freund.
28th August

Bread, Cheese & Wine Party

A sold out evening, allowing members to learn about each other by speed chatting.
26th November


Cafe Scientifique: Sheela Kiiskilä

"Ready steady one? a peak into the XR universe"
4th November

Cheese & Wine Party

Popularly attended, allowing members to learn about each other by speed chatting.
20th November

Cafe Scientifique: Julia Stein

"Merging complementary therapies and evidence-based medicine in IVF treatment - what makes interpreting the evidence so complicated and how does this affect patients?"
14th December


New Zealand: Beauty Beyond Experience:

Treasures from Queen Elizabeth II's Stamp Collection

Matt Parker, Standup Mathematician

Tampere Finn-Brits' 70th Anniversary Dinner

Afternoon Tea With Nick and Emily Hennessey